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Narrative Resume for Jason R. Kelly

Jason’s career objective is to work in the field as an instructional designer, graphic artist, web designer and a problem solver. He understands how to assist in the education of adult learning through the use of new and current technologies for instructional and marketing purposes. His education, experience, and ability to think creatively and will make him a valuable asset to any organization.

His education includes a Master of Arts degree in Adult Education and Communications Technology (AECT 2004) and a Bachelor of Arts in Communications Media from Indiana University of Pa. (2000).

Jason was employed at Dreamweaver Publishing, Inc. in State College, Pa. (2/99-8/00) where he was employed as a web designer. His full-time duties were to design, create, and publish web pages, reply to all email, scanning images, internet security, conducting and transcribing interviews, digital video and audio production, the management of freelance employees, advertising and promotion. Jason was employed at Communications and Commerce in Indiana (12/00-10/01) where he was employed as a cellular activation and customer care agent. His full-time duties included telecommunications in activating, troubleshooting, voicemail errors, and correcting billing errors. He also, voluntarily, assisted trainers with the on the training of new employees by answering questions through training. Jason was employed by Staples, Inc. in Indiana, Pa. as a Office Equipment Associate (5/02-8/02). His part-time duties included technology sales, product knowledge, provided consumer education and technical solutions for customers. He was then promoted to Office Equipment Specialist in Staples, Inc. (8/02-1/03). His primary purpose was to support the customer connection by enhancing internal/external customer service, sales and store profitability by leading, coaching and developing sales associates. Jason completed an internship at Armstrong-Indiana Intermediate Unit (ARIN IU) located in Indiana, Pennsylvania (3/04-5/04) where he completed his training as a Technology Specialist. He has greater awareness of the role of the intermediate units and an understanding of the responsibilities for a Technology Specialist within the educational system.

Jason has designed and assisted in the production of a number of web sites and multimedia projects. A strong quality that Jason possesses is natural leadership. This has been demonstrated within his group projects during his educational experience. He is willing to speak up and take on responsibility for his actions and a group’s end result. He has completed the AECT program in May 2004, and has maintained a cumulative grade point average of 3.75/4.0.

The terms that best describe Jason are: leader, logical, creative, attentive, compromising, patient, innovative, honest, enterprising, efficient, intelligent, understanding, and professional. His skills and abilities include being a team leader and participant, very creative with well rounded excellent communication skills, attentive to details, and great interpersonal skills. He has a high degree of computer literacy including: graphic design, desktop publishing, multi-media development, 3- dimensional model design, web design, HTML, Flash, CSS, and Authorware publishing.


Jason R. Kelly
2420 Byron Ct
Indiana, Pa. 15701-2386

Home Phone: (724) 465-5271

Cell Phone: (724) 910-9195

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