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Philosophy Statement

  • I believe that education techniques need to keep up with current and top of the line technology. There are teachers and Adult educators who choose not to involve this technology with their instruction.

  • I used to believe that there were two types of learners. I referred to them as “book smart” and “street smart”. A book smart person learns from reading books and a street smart person learns from interacting with people and objects. Then I grew to understand that that was only partially correct. The two true extremes of learner are 2- dimensional (2-D) and 3- dimensional (3-D).

  • An extreme 2-D learner can look at the pages on a book and see the 2-D Letters. The letters have a height and width but no depth. Yet this is enough information to capture not only the 2-D learner’s full attention but also their imagination and creative processes.

  • An extreme 3-D learner will look at the letters in a book and become bored because the speed at witch the information is slower than the learner requires. A 3-D learner requires something that has depth as well as height and width, like an engine or the physical components of a computer. A 3-D learner requires something that can be rotated or with an illusion of depth in a picture. This is what a 3-D learner requires in order to maintain the full attention, imagination, and creativity required to learn.

  • The majority of learners are part 2-D and 3-D, but one usually outweighs the other as the individual’s personal preference. Neither type of learner should be penalized. The education needs to adapt to the learners. With the aid of technology we can use certain types of programming to create virtual reality (VR) worlds and the illusion of 3-D environments that appear like what ever we can imagine. These VR worlds would incorporate more of the senses at once using video, audio, text, and the ability to look around. We can look around space or the human body.

  • As technology changes and continues to get faster we must adapt our way of educating the adult learners so they can keep up.

  • I know that I can not change an individual's mind; all I can do is attempt to instill a question mark in their mind and let them figure out their own truth. Unfortunately the truth that a person knows and the truth that a person admits is sometimes a different thing. But when you look into their eyes you can SEE the truth that they know.

  • Free! I knew that you would stop scrolling because this is the most powerful word in the world and was in red.

  • Although variety keeps us alive and stability keeps us sane, we need both to survive.

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