Creating Effective Web Pages

Effective Use of Color


The proper use of color is important to a web site. Color determines a web site's mood, purpose and personality. Chose colors that fit the theme of the site.

Here are some tips to choose your web sites mood from the primary colors:

Warm Colors - Yellow, Orange and Red. These colors are are associated with activity and power. Warm colors are used to draw your attention to important information.

Cool Colors - Green, Blue and Purple. These colors are associated with peace and tranquility.

In American society certain colors represent specific qualities. Below is a list of the color and its associated quality.

White - Good
Black - Bad
Red - Passion
Purple - Royalty

The primary colors described above are the basic colors used. There are 16.7 million shade combinations of the primary colors called the RGB (Red, Green, Blue) system. When choosing a color make sure you are selecting from the RGB system so the color displays properly on your web page.

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