Creating Effective Web Pages

Effective Use of Typography


Typography is the appearance and arrangement of characters that make up your text. There are 4 properties that you can change when creating your typography.

1. Typeface - The design of the letters regarding the thickness of the lines, spacing of letters and the slant (ex. Times New Roman, Arial, Courier,).

2. Type Style - The 3 standard types Normal (roman), Bold and Italic.

3. Type Size - Measured height and width for text. Measured in points, 72 points = 1 inch.

4. Font - A combination of typeface and style.

There are 2 categories for type:

Display type - Typically used for the headings and titles in the web site. When people skim a page this is the information that they read. You have the option to be creative, but make sure it is easy to read quickly.

Body type - Typically the paragraphs or sections containing your information content for the site. When people read your body type they need a clear and comfortable type to read.

Tip: Be sure to use a Serif type for paragraphs because people are comfortable reading content information in this style (ex. this tip is in a Serif format: Arial).

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