Creating Effective Web Pages

Writing for the Web


When writing for the web there are some important things to keep in mind:

Accuracy - People who read the information on your web site are looking for true and accurate information. Make sure you research and provide the correct information that you advertise. If the information changes it is your responsibility to update your web site with the new information.

Proofread - Misspellings and typographical errors are to be eliminated. Be sure to use spell check on your web pages. Then have a friend also proofread the site. The creator of a web site can easily skip misspelled words because the text is sometimes scanned by the writer, and not read thoroughly.

Readability - Commercial web sites use a 8th grade reading level so most people can read the page clearly and quickly. It also allows the reader to scan the page through the use of headings, subheads, lists and highlighted sections, like bolding.

Understandable - Uses the inverted pyramid style. Give the conclusion first , then details and finally the Background Information. This is done so the reader is sure that the information provided is the information they want to continue reading.

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Last updated 3/4/04