Controlling Table Cells

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This section will help you better understand the function of a table Cell in Dreamweaver XP.

Key Terms
Cell - The space inside of the table.
Border - Seperates the cells within the table.
Rows - Cells that are parellel and horizontal.
Columns - Cells that are parellel and vertical.

There can be more than one cell in a table.
In the table you created there are two cells, in rows seperated by a border.


Step 1 - Display the Cell Properties by placing the cursor inside one of the two cells in the table.

Step 2 -Understanding the function of the Cell properties that are divided into two sections. The top section is the properties for the text in the cell. These properties are the same ones from the text section you learned at the begining of the tutorial.

The bottom section is for the remainder of the Cell properites.

- The cell properties that appear the same, are the same as the table properties in function,
however the changes made here only effect the cell and not the table as a whole.

- These two buttons allow you to Split Cells and Merge Cells in a table.

- A cell can be Split, or divided, into two or more Cell Rows or Columns.

- Two or more cells can be Merged, or combined, into one Cell Row or Column..

- By default, the text will Wrap arond an image. Click the box for no wrapping.

- Click the box here to make the text and text links appear in Header format.

Step 3 - Spilt the Bottom cell into two columns in your table.
Do this by clicking in the cell.
Tip: The cursor will appear in the cell you selected.

Step 4 - Click the Split cell button.

Step 5 - Enter text "Page 1" in the top cell.
Apply these changes to the text:
Center in the cell.
Size 5

Step 6 - Enter the following text into the bottom left cell,
"I can learn this program because I understand the location of the basic elements."
Apply the following changes to the cell:
Center text
Width 300

Step 7 - Insert the image from your index page to the bottom right cell of the table.
Shortcut: You can drag and drop the image file from the site file manager directly to the cell,
instead of using the folder method.

Step 8 - Enter the text "Home" on the line below "Page 1".
Select and apply the following changes to "Home"
Link to the "index.htm" page.
Shortcut: Drag the target "" to the page in the file site manager to create the link,
instead of using the folder method.

Step 9 - Save your page.

Step 10 - Goto the index page and create a text link "Page 1" at the bottom of the page.

Step 11 - Save the changes then preview in browser.
Your pages, when completed should look like the two below.


Note: Be sure to test you links!


Well Done!
If your pages look like the ones above then you have sucessfully completed this tutorial.

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