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Welcome setup text images table cells

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Step 1 - Click on the web page to display the cursor.

Type the following statements:
"This is easy because I have used FrontPage XP."
"I need an image from google."


Step 2 - Locate the text properties at the lower left part of the screen.


Step 3 - Select the statements on your page. Change the values to match those below.

Font type- Times New Roman
Font Size - 4
Font Color - Red
Text Alignment - Center


Step 4 - Deselect all the text. Select only "google."

Step 5 - In the text properties Link section enter
http://www.google.com .


Step 6 - Locate the Page Title and change to "Home Page".


Step 7 - Save the page you created as "index.htm".


  • Notice that the new name appears on the right under the files tab and at the bottom, left of the page.


Step 8 - Preview in a browser using the "Preview/Debug in Browser" button.

Well Done!
You now know the basics of text in Dreamweaver MX.


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